Dig Up Her Bones

Ryan, 'Vlad'.
Cumbria, England.
Leather. Doc Martens.
Pierced. Tattooed.
Musician. Writer.
Drummer. Bassist.
Guitarist. Singer.
Straight. Single.

Sleaze Rock.
Thrash Metal.
Folk Metal.
Horror Punk.
Ska Punk.
Prog Rock.
Drum 'n' Bass.
Psycho Trance.


Does anyone know of any iPhone friendly sites or apps that I can watch Vikings on?
It isn’t on Sky Go and that makes me sad :(


~ Hey Drummer Ghoul ~
So someone reblogged this gif set, and somehow, Turisas still make an appearance - even though they aren’t actually supposed to be there…

I think my phone is learning… More Turisas is good. Very good.


Pretty much the only dance that I can pull off.


Saw evil scarecrow tonight in Leicester, holy shit they were brilliant.